Saturday, 6 June 2015

My life in pictures ⭐️

The super lazy period after my exams and before my J1. Basically just food & selfies. Most of my time was spent hibernating after exam exhaustion or filling out a mountain of forms. 

Finally found the perfume that I 'needed' for my exams AFTER my exams had ended. I wear this perfume to every exam I have done since my junior cert, so of course I freaked when I had none for my final college exams ( I just used the body lotion instead). I was shocked how many exam 'rituals' I had. Talk about parro. 

I went for a cute post exam trip to Galway with my mum, which mainly consisted of shopping food and wine. 

We had lunch in a cute sea side cafe. I had avocado , eggs and toast. 

We stayed at the House Hotel. Which was heavily decorated with cats & hot pink. We are there - the food was super good. I had the fish platter (  I'm pescetarian ) which had squid which is the main reason I ordered it. 

We got breakfast in bed - this is the veggie breakfast. 

Galway is so cute and laid back compared to Dublin. 

I changed the dip dye in my hair to blue on this trip. 

The rest of my post exam time in Mullingar consisted of relaxing , getting tonnes of paper work filled out and preparing for my J1. 

Carry on luggage mini haul. 

Pineapple bag ( penny's €10). obsessed. 

Mini H&M haul. 

I baked for my sister who was studying for the LC. 

I went for lunch with my parents in Donnybrook after an interview and before  I left for American .

meow x

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