Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures

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Week 9

This week my second essay of semester two was due. I am feeling a bit stressed about exams as they are approaching way faster than I expected. I just want to stay in college forever. 

I received this as a present from my cousin. SO EAGER. It makes me feel so summery. Perks of summer - in season watermelon that's slightly cheaper. 

The evenings are noticeably brighter and I'm thankful. I hate the period where it gets dark around 4pm. I always get so unproductive around that time of year.

I went for lunch with my parents to Fioretina, Dublin. This was my stater: beetroot, rocket, goats cheese and walnut. I got crab gnocchi for my main. 

Birthday gifts. 

I filled up my Kokoro loyalty card and got a free hot bento. I am so eager about this place. I really want to go down near closing because everything is half price then !! They also got a new veggie bento option - butternut squash curry which I can't wait to try. 

The lovely people at Revive Active sent me a gift! For a while I had really low energy and I had tried loads of things to try and improve it - teas and other energy supplements. Someone recommended I try Revive Active and it is a game changer. It appears to be a product that is backed up by a lot of research. I can't tell you much about the science behind it all but all I know is it works for me !!! I take it with orange juice because I am not great at drinking drinks that are powder dissolved in water BUT I can drink this with orange juice no problem. I might start trying it with just water now that I am getting used to it though!!! This is what is going to get me through my final year exams. My sister is taking it daily too - she is doing her leaving cert.

I got some new sports gear (leggings etc) and this pastel purple sports top from H&M. I personally find exams really draining so I have to literally TRAIN for them haha. I want to start being more active in the run up to exams. My aim is to be as healthy as possible for the exams - especially being my final year. 

I am so eager for this range to come out in H&M. I want it all!!!!!!

My guilty pleasure!! I got these for my birthday - don't worry I am not that crazy that I would buy this many. UGh I didn't win anything. The THRILL THO hahah.

I have started using gel eyeliner more often. I love it but it's so much more effort than the liquid liner pens....So keeping my liquid liner for those 9am lectures. 

This emoji symbolises how I feel about the library!!! I have a love/hate relationship with study. I really enjoy my course and I can study what interests me for hours but doing an essay this week that I am not interested in at all and its a draggggggg. 

Sent a letter to my mum because I wont get to see her for Mother's day. I also love snail mail.

I went for a drink with an old friend in the Porter house pub this week and it was so nice!! The best thing about meeting old friends is spending hours talking about old memories - We spent 3 hours talking non stop!!

This weekend I plan to spend 90% of my time in the library to make up for my lack of study last week (and last month). Feeling positive and motivated. 

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