Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures

Week 8

This week was a bit of a roller coaster. Some highs and some lows.

I got my eyebrows done for free at Benefit because it was my birthday. I was so pleased that I spotted this offer as I always notice 'birthday offers' when my birthday is nowhere near close. As per usual they did a perfect job. Right now this is the only place I go to get my brows done because of their expertise when it comes to brows and they have a pretty bomb loyalty card - next time I go in I will get a free shellac mani because of it.

I visited my boyfriends family home in Dundalk and his brother made us 
home-made granola and his mum bought us a tonne of fresh fruit. For college students like us this is v. luxurious.

I had an essay due so this week was coffee filled. I have started drinking Starbucks filter coffee because: its cheaper, free refills and its so much more flavoursome. SO over lattes, mochas and all other sugar filled coffees they do. The cost and the cals are TOO HIGH.

I got my nails done at Tropical Popical. I got gel nails - plain black. Last time I got gel nails done I felt they were too 'in your face' and I wanted to get something more toned down - very unlike me but that was just the mood I was in. The girls at Tropical Popical are so friendly and talented. Also the d├ęcor is to die for. They pay so much attention to detail. They offer you a Lilt as soon as you arrive. V. Tropical. I also got to read Kim K's interview and cover shoot for Love magazine while there which was a sneaky bonus.

I went to TRASH club night in the Academy on Thursday night.
I won bottle service and free in with their Twitter account.
I got some bad news while I was getting ready to go out and I was nearly going to stay in but with a lil pep talk from Eoghan and a vodka & cranberry I was convinced to go. I was so glad I did. As soon as we got their we skipped the line and were brought to our table and given absolute & diet coke. The music was on point (until one DJ came on and kept cutting songs short and playing The Killers - I just gave up trying to dance to that ha!). They have massive blow up toys and bouncy balls thrown into the dance floor. Also the toilets in the academy are the best - weird I know but I am so over night clubs in Dublin with awful bathrooms. These ones were v. clean and pretty big. I remember going to the Button Factory for The Malibu Club and they took the locks off the doors - I do not appreciate having to 'danger pee'. 

Hangover treats to help cure a hangover from hell - but a sign of a good night!!
I am 22 now. Yikes. 

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