Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures: Week 7

                           Reading Week 

I spent most of this week in bed sick, not exactly how I planned my reading week to go.....

If you are vegetarian you NEED to try this jelly. My mum got it for me in an Asian food market in Mullingar. She said the shop owner regular bought veggie jelly when he couldn't get hold of halal gelatine jelly.This is the best vegetarian jelly I have tried - and I have spent 11 years searching.

I finally found NYX in Dublin. It can be found at Foody's Pharmacy located beside the Starbucks on Harcourt St. As you can see in the first picture (on the sign) there is a world wide shortage of NYX products??? I am in LOVE with the butter gloss. I was super impressed with Foody's as a pharmacy. They also stock Sleek make up and Quest Bars - I personally don't eat quest bars but I know they are highly sought after. I am planning to start bringing my prescriptions there instead of Boots JUST to give me an excuse to buy hella NYX products. 

I bought my Trinity Ball ticket. Even though I am not eager about the line up I am still excited to go because it is just a surreal and magical experience!!!! Not too pleased with the ticket (cost 80 euro) when the line up is NOTHING like it has been other years but oh well!

This podcast was recommended by a lecturer of mine in college. It is free and just so addictive. I listen to it before I fall asleep and it has helped with my sleep patterns so much - before it took me ages to fall asleep but I think by listening to this podcast I don't look at a screen for at least 40 mins before I fall asleep and its a game changer !!!!!

Throw Back 
due to the lack of pictures from this week due to a nasty flu that had me in bed for 3 days.

Summer of 3rd year, when I lived on Bath Street. I can't cope with how quickly my college experience is going. 

This winter, when I worked at a local Pharmacy in Mullingar. I really miss working there and kind of miss the uniform as well. Such a lovely and interesting job. 

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