Friday, 6 February 2015

College Final Semester // Week 3 & 4

My life in Pictures

                         Week three and four

I was hella proud of my cooking skills. I made spring rolls using rice paper.

I was so freaked out by this in the supermarket. It's milky way spread in a tube. I don't know why but it was just WRONG.

Starbucks morning order: Americano with sugar free hazelnut syrup.

The novelty of living 'on campus' has still not worn off.
Still an eager beaver. 

If anyone gets their brows done regularly GO TO BENEFIT on St Williams St.
The loyalty card alone makes it worth it but they also are the best brow bar in Dublin, in my humble opinion. 

We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday with beer & snacks.
I feel asleep after Katy Perry's performance though. It was around 2am then. I was disappointed the Sea Hawks lost but left shark posts online the next day made up for that. 

I went on a poster run for the SU elections.

On the way to class I spotted the 'Trinity cats' home. He was in there asleep. SO CUTE.

We got lunch in Kokoro - Kind of like Wasabi in London. 
New fave. 

I finally tried the Teapig tea I bought and was so disappointed. It was horrible. They recommended to drink it with milk, which I did and it just tasted so milky, even though I let it brew for ages. 

I changed up my college bag, as I no longer have to carry my whole life around in my bag because I live on campus. (Bag from Topshop )

The relief - I hate club night photographers and was SO glad I escaped with just this picture being taken off me. What is worse than someone taking sneaky pictures of you when your drunk?

Post swim coffee date with Eoghan. We go swimming every Sunday then get coffee. I need some element of routine in my week (even something stupid like this) or else I just feel all over the place. 


This week, one year ago.

The week, two years ago. 

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