Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures: Week 7

                           Reading Week 

I spent most of this week in bed sick, not exactly how I planned my reading week to go.....

If you are vegetarian you NEED to try this jelly. My mum got it for me in an Asian food market in Mullingar. She said the shop owner regular bought veggie jelly when he couldn't get hold of halal gelatine jelly.This is the best vegetarian jelly I have tried - and I have spent 11 years searching.

I finally found NYX in Dublin. It can be found at Foody's Pharmacy located beside the Starbucks on Harcourt St. As you can see in the first picture (on the sign) there is a world wide shortage of NYX products??? I am in LOVE with the butter gloss. I was super impressed with Foody's as a pharmacy. They also stock Sleek make up and Quest Bars - I personally don't eat quest bars but I know they are highly sought after. I am planning to start bringing my prescriptions there instead of Boots JUST to give me an excuse to buy hella NYX products. 

I bought my Trinity Ball ticket. Even though I am not eager about the line up I am still excited to go because it is just a surreal and magical experience!!!! Not too pleased with the ticket (cost 80 euro) when the line up is NOTHING like it has been other years but oh well!

This podcast was recommended by a lecturer of mine in college. It is free and just so addictive. I listen to it before I fall asleep and it has helped with my sleep patterns so much - before it took me ages to fall asleep but I think by listening to this podcast I don't look at a screen for at least 40 mins before I fall asleep and its a game changer !!!!!

Throw Back 
due to the lack of pictures from this week due to a nasty flu that had me in bed for 3 days.

Summer of 3rd year, when I lived on Bath Street. I can't cope with how quickly my college experience is going. 

This winter, when I worked at a local Pharmacy in Mullingar. I really miss working there and kind of miss the uniform as well. Such a lovely and interesting job. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My life in Pictures

My Life in Pictures: Week 6


B and I, the struggle to get an angle that BOTH of us like. This one I'm not too eager about.

Eoghan and I went to get pancakes at MOOCH , Dawson Street.
This on Sunday; when pancake Tuesday seemed just too far away. We saw Roz Purcell leaving the shop as we arrived - I really wanted to ask for a photo but I GOT NERVOUS. She literally is the most beautiful woman ever !!! These pancakes are gluten free and from Roz's Natural Born Feeder line. The plate looks a bit of a mess but I swear it is the tastiest mess ever. Mooch give you LOADS of fruit too - no skimpy portions. This cost around 5euro and so. worth. it. 

On night I just couldn't sleep so I bought Trisha Paytas : The Stripper Diaries from Amazon Kindle and had it sent to my i-pad. I read it in the night as its only 70-ish pages. If you watch her on YouTube it is hella interesting as you learn about everything she went through to get where she is today. It was written in diary form and to be honest the story doesn't really flow but she explained in a video that's because its just her exact diary - she didn't expect to publish it when she wrote it. I didn't expect to like Trish Paytas as she is so different from me: hella blonde, hella loud but once you get over that she is probably one of the funniest YouTubers ; apart from Drew - the love of my life hahah.  This is a book that you would read if you want something easy to read that doesn't require a lot of brain power - This book doesn't try and pretend to be anything its not though, which I like. 

The best thing about studying in groups and the worst thing about studying in groups. 

We ended up making chocolate strawberries. 

This coffee is a college students dream. I have gone through 2 pots this semester already - means way less Starbucks though , which has probably saved me a small fortune. 

That's it really. From Wednesday Night onwards I got really sick with a flu and some other things so I spent the rest of the week in bed watching Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix and drinking gallons of water. 

Q: Can I write a post without overusing the words 'hella' and 'eager'?
A: Nope. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

My life in Pictures

My Life In Pictures

                    Week 5 - final semester

Time is passing to quickly.

Feeling like a poor student now I am no longer working part time - a girl can dream.

Slowly but surely making friends with the Trinity Cat.

                  My 'side' of my shared bathroom. Two tidy people living together is heaven. 

Date Night. Went to the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. I am so eager about drinking wine in the cinema - even from a plastic cup!!!!

Re-dyed my dip dye! This purple is so vibrant but a deep purple. Purrfect.

I went for brunch with my family to BEAR on South William Street and they had THE BEST veggie brunch options. Avocado is the way to my heart. 

I am obsessed with these cans. They are around 2.50 euro but they taste delish. I usually think these pre made cans are such a waste of money but once you taste it you will understand !!!

I hate when I don't pay attention in class. Low key anxiety about missing something important for exams. 

I went to see Inherent Vice and it was, in my opinion, one of the worst movies I had seen in a long time. I thought I would love it but there was no plot. It was really confusing and the cinematography was disappointing. It was not aesthetically pleasing nor interesting. The characters were developed poorly and it just wasn't for me. 

                                            Image result for american sniper
American Sniper was decent, better than I expected but slightly traumatising. 
I thought it really captured the effects of PTSD for troops well. When the movie ended there was silence in the cinema - even when we got up to leave no one was talking - I think that shows how emotional it was. 

I went to see this last night with B and I was expecting it to be awful from all that's being said about it on social media but I actually thought it was good. Better than expected anyway. I think its 'cool' to diss it and Buzzfeed are having a field day talking shite about the movie. But I even laughed out loud several times during the movie. The sex scenes were done tastefully. The last scene where she is getting whipped and is crying is very hard to watch. The movie is more about his luxurious life style, the war in his mind and desires of both Grey and Ana. 

DON'T EVEN TRY AND DISS THIS MOVIE IF YOU LIKED TWILIGHT. I don't think it tries to be anything it isnt - and as for people saying the book was 'poorly written' - it was written for the general public as an erotic novel - the purpose was not to be a piece of academic lit. 

a does what it says on the tin type of movie. Rather long though. 


Friday, 6 February 2015

College Final Semester // Week 3 & 4

My life in Pictures

                         Week three and four

I was hella proud of my cooking skills. I made spring rolls using rice paper.

I was so freaked out by this in the supermarket. It's milky way spread in a tube. I don't know why but it was just WRONG.

Starbucks morning order: Americano with sugar free hazelnut syrup.

The novelty of living 'on campus' has still not worn off.
Still an eager beaver. 

If anyone gets their brows done regularly GO TO BENEFIT on St Williams St.
The loyalty card alone makes it worth it but they also are the best brow bar in Dublin, in my humble opinion. 

We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday with beer & snacks.
I feel asleep after Katy Perry's performance though. It was around 2am then. I was disappointed the Sea Hawks lost but left shark posts online the next day made up for that. 

I went on a poster run for the SU elections.

On the way to class I spotted the 'Trinity cats' home. He was in there asleep. SO CUTE.

We got lunch in Kokoro - Kind of like Wasabi in London. 
New fave. 

I finally tried the Teapig tea I bought and was so disappointed. It was horrible. They recommended to drink it with milk, which I did and it just tasted so milky, even though I let it brew for ages. 

I changed up my college bag, as I no longer have to carry my whole life around in my bag because I live on campus. (Bag from Topshop )

The relief - I hate club night photographers and was SO glad I escaped with just this picture being taken off me. What is worse than someone taking sneaky pictures of you when your drunk?

Post swim coffee date with Eoghan. We go swimming every Sunday then get coffee. I need some element of routine in my week (even something stupid like this) or else I just feel all over the place. 


This week, one year ago.

The week, two years ago.