Saturday, 24 January 2015

Last Semester in College ( week one & two)

I have moved back to Dublin for my last semester in college. Totally bittersweet. 

I am living on campus which I am hella eager about. 

Week One 

Moving in gifts from Eoghan 

We went to the Guinness Store house because I had a free voucher to get in ( cheapskate students haha) I really don't like Guinness but it was fun pouring & tasting. The real reason we went was for the view at the top !! 

I got hella oats, back to student life and have to budget, plan and cook eek. 

Reunited with B ❤️

I dip dyed my hair purple! To embrace my last semester being a college student haha. 

Living really close to the Dublin Flagship H&M store is v difficult. 

Downside of college living.....

I made pancakes 1. Because it's cute 
                            2. It's the only food I had at the time hah

Lil things to remind me of home. Heh

My new hero. Can someone get this cat a social work degree already. 

Coupon queen strikes again. 

Jelly shots for the last BW in the lost society.

Too many cocktails but they were €4 each in Opium !! 

My home for this semester. 

B , being a sneak. 

Pre drinks ❤️❤️

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by study but other than that I am having the best time back in college and having missed a class yet this semester - even with hangovers haha 


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