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January Favourites


 January Favourites 2015


Moisture Match, Garnier. Day moisturiser for combination to oily skin. 
I don't have oily skin but I tried the 'normal skin' version of this moisturiser and I didn't like it. I really only gave this line another chance because it was half price in Boots (I purchased it for around 3euro). I use this moisturiser for days when I am not wearing make up. Like I said I wouldn't consider my skin oily but this moisturiser keeps your skin looking fresh & matte on days when you are running around college, up and down stairs etc. The texture is a bit strange and when put on the face it has a slight drying effect - don't worry it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight, but you can really tell its 'drying up' any oil. I wouldn't recommend for daily use if you have 'normal' skin because its drying and I really think anyone with 'dry' skin would hate this product. I would purchase this again, even at full price. This product had made me more confident during 'no make up' days. 

Beauty Sleep Accelerator, Soap & Glory. This is a deep moisturiser recommended for use during night time or during flights (I will be bringing this on my carry on when flying to America - last time I was on a long haul flight home from California I did a face mask during the flight, I must have looked so weird but I HATE how drying the air in a plane is). This product smells insanely good. Boots commonly do vouchers for extra points when you purchase Soap & Glory products. This product feels luxurious ( which is great considering its a lot cheaper than the likes of Clique) and I think it really hydrates my skin.  The packing is really cute and minimalistic. Also a little goes a long way with this product. 

Eau Roma Water, Lush. This is a toner water. This product isn't going to change your life but its still one of my favourites. I use it after the shower to hydrate my face - my face always feels tight after a shower before I put moisturiser on (I think this is like when you use lip balm loads you tend to need it more - same kind of effect. maybe). I really like Lush products mainly because they use natural ingredients (to my knowledge anyway). I use this also on days when I am giving my skin a break from cosmetics to keep my face looking fresh. 
Ingredients include : Lavender water - said to have soothing properties and Rose water - said to help retain moisture & slightly improve skins tone/ appearance. 


Pink Sands, Yankee Candle. This is one of my favourite Yankee Candle scents. I recently purchased a tart burner and it is saving me so much money as I am no longer buying 'big candles' - even though this scent tends to be on sale a lot. Tarts tend to be around 1.50 euro. I burn this when I'm studying or getting ready for a night out. A nice scented room always puts me in a good mood. 

Big Brother 2015. I think people either love or hate Big Brother but I have been watching it since the first series and love it. I think its so interesting watching peoples reactions to being put in that environment. I have to laugh at the people who judge me for watching it who watch coronation street or the likes. You like your shit TV let me like mine haha

I really like Perez, even though I don't like the way he behaves but I think he has a good soul and I also like Katie Price because she is so down to earth and looks unreal, even without make up. I'd love Perez to win though because he is the most entertaining and so many people exclude him from the house BUT I LOVE Cami Lee especially when she says ' GIRL BYE' when she is pissed off. hah

I watch it on Youtube, as like a true college student I don't have a TV: 

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