Monday, 15 December 2014

Semester One, Completed.

I have completed my final year placement and it was so bittersweet finishing. 
On one hand I was so happy; I felt that I had achieved so much and learned so much about myself and social work. On the other hand I was really sad to leave because I had such an amazing time, the team were so friendly and overall I was just going to miss it so much. I am so glad I am soon to be qualified in a profession that I am so passionate about and something I feel I am very good at. 

(Side Rant ) I think, from my experience anyway, being confident in what you do or saying  you are really good at something  can drive others crazy. It always baffles me how negative the feedback can be from people when you say something good about yourself. Do we live in a society that only wants people to be meek and put themselves down. I have always been pleased when people I know or peers do well for themselves and of course being human I can get jealous but I tend to use that feeling to make myself work harder. If you are good at something or have achieved something great be proud of it. I think being mean to someone because they did well is an awful trait to have. 

Holiday season has started at home. This video is too accurate- Link to 'Back Home Ballers'

Semester One in Pictures

We got a new pal for my grandmother. His name is Rocky and he will only eat biscuits.

Eoghan broke my heart with an omelette disaster. Never mess with a 'hangry' girls food...

I tried out Gel Nails for the first time - it was great for 3 weeks then the problems started ...I think they were put on wrong because they ALL fell off, well before they needed to be 'filled in'.

I got an Aloe Vera plan for my roomed (Named Stern , I got it when I was in the middle of watching 'The Good Wife') I don't know what it is but I find green plants indoors very relaxing.

I got locked in a bathroom with B so we just too pictures and waited for someone to come rescue us.

I ate way to many watermelons

We went on an adventure to Galway and went to a really cute tea shop. I was so parro I would break everything because it was so tiny and everything was so fragile.

Went on a cute night out with my mother. Wine, Food and Gone Girl - I thought it was ok, but  I knew what was going to happen so that kind of took from it.

We went to stay the night in Inis Bofin, this was waiting for the ferry.

We went to the zoo. I hadn't been in years but it was such a cute experience. My fave was the russian tigers, though I have seen too many episodes of greys anatomy I was so sure they would get out. So many young children were crying at the zoo. NGL I was glad I could just run away from them haha.

For halloween I dressed up as a cat. I was going to dress up as Katy Perry and I had the entire costume ready to go but I wasn't feeling it on the night. 

Eoghan spilled wine on B's dress and we spent the whole morning hungover and googling washing tips.

My dad got me this sushi usb key. I say the memory is shit but it is hella cute.

On the ferry en route to Inis Bofin

Cocktails at 2pm because it was my day off ;) We also got two free. 

I have discovered Cotton Candy Grapes in M&S and they are life changing.

Driving through the middle of no where, Galway.

Hangover Nosh at Blackrock, Dundalk. This day I locked my keys in the care. It was very dramatic. We had to break into the car. 

I now have a month off for Christmas Holidays and way too many essays to do. 

Meow x

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