Friday, 19 December 2014

iPhone Disaster

(A rant to vent my frustration and a warning to others.)

My iphone 5S broke a month ago - screen cracked and phone stopped charging.
I brought it into a repair store in Mullingar CreativeITSolutions
 who charged 120 euro to fix it. After a week I collected it an brought it home for it to turn off again because the battery was not working - I could feel the battery shake, clearly not put in right. (not a good sign when they can't even fit a battery)

I bought the phone back to the store letting them know that the battery was loose in the phone (showed them how it notably was out of place when you moved the phone). They said that they would fix it. A few weeks later when checking for an update we are told they have lost the phone.....

I went into them today to see what was going on. They had found my phone....BUT
they had come up with a 'master plan' ie. to put the phone back together and for me to bring the phone into Three and tell them 'my phone stopped working and I have no idea why' and lie about it being 'fixed' by the 'Computer Repair' shop. As if that would work.....

I told them that I really didn't think that plan would work. They had no idea what was wrong with the phone and I am pretty sure they didn't care. The guy at the desk was just looking at Facebook the whole time I was talking to him. He seemed clueless and couldn't really tell me much detail about what had been done with the phone.

I am not sure regarding the consumer rights in this area but really.... I had paid them for nothing - just for them to tell me to bring it to the three store and lie.

Not only were they useless in terms of technology they were also EXTREMELY rude.
The sales rep was paying little attention to what I was saying - just kept looking at facebook.
I think its very bad form to be left feeling so upset and frustrated leaving a store after being spoken to rudely and put down.
If I treated a customer like that in my place of work I would be fired. They have NO customer service skills.
Small business' - any business in fact, should know better than to treat their customers like shit.
Some respect would be nice.
It also would have been nice to have spoken to someone who had some sort of expertise. That is what I was paying for after all - someone who has expertise in this area, looking back I probably could have done a better job myself.
This guy really appeared clueless and I would have extreme concerns about his experience. I have a strong feeling the store is run by people trying to make a quick buck - ie. they have no expertise about phones and are just trying to make some money before people start to realise its not a good idea to go to that store.

I would really NOT recommend anyone to bring their phone to Creative IT, Mullingar because they will probably cause more damage than good. I hate to put a business down but this is an honest review of my experience with this shop. I would never write negative reviews on a shop unless I felt it was really warranted. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do about this please let me know. I am only half way through my contract with three......and I don't fancy having to pay 40 euro a month for a phone I dont even have. I am using a crap 13 euro phone at the moment....not using my 3 sim because it is a micro sim. 


I got the phone back from them with a refund. They didn't remove the screen they had put in , like they had said they would ONLY because they had broken it themselves and there was no point on keeping a broken screen. NOT a good sign when a repair shop break the screen themselves. I have spoken to a few others who have also used this repair shop and they had the same experience- rude service, clueless staff and more damage caused to their phone. 


  1. It might be worth contacting the ombudsman in Westmeath county council to see what your rights are about getting your money back from the repair store.

    I also smashed my iPhone 5c screen this week, I brought it into the Nokia repair store on mary's street (in the same building as the dentist) and they were so friendly in there. It took an hour, they called when it was ready and cost €80, no problem at all. You could try seeing if they can help you?

    Also you can get your number transferred to a different sim that will fit your temp phone and that way you will still use the minutes on the plan you are currently on and just get a new sim with your number transferred again when your phone is fixed. I am with eMobile and they gave me a new sim twice this week for free with my number on it in order to fit whatever working phone I had on the day.

    I hope everything works out, it's shit when you get treated unfairly.

    1. Thank you so much !!!! This is all really helpful :) After today I was in such a bad mood and so confused about what I should do next, so your message has given me a plan. I would never have gone to them if I knew they treated their customers like this UGH. x