Monday, 13 October 2014

Final Year Nerves ....

Final year at college is intense already. I feel like I am so behind on work already. So much motivation and self control will be needed to actually do 1-3 hours study after a full day at placement. That being said I NEED to do it and do it well or else this time next year I will not be a happy bunny. 

I am living at home while on placement, and by at home I mean back with my family. I am taking this time to get focused and be healthy;because this is not the year to get sick loads. I am not looking forward to searching for accommodation for Jan. It is vile how bad student accommodation is in Dublin right now . Hopefully by the second semester there will be less pressure and something will come up. Trying to stay posi or I will just end up stressing loads about it, when its out of my control really. 

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