Saturday, 18 October 2014

London Weekend Break


                                 London Weekend Break 

                                 (Flew into Stansted and stayed at the Hilton Olympia Kensington) 

We got lured in by Ryan Air cheap cheap flights to stansted - really by the time you pay for the taxi to the airport (because you are so wrecked at 3am that you cant deal with public transport), the bus into London and the taxi home from the airport at 6 am (after leaving your hotel at 1am) ITS REALLY NOT WORTH IT. Next time I will just pay for a more expensive flight for its convenience. Isn't hindsight fab

 Eoghan really couldn't cope with a 5 am flight and me                                                                                   pestering to look at all the duty free shops.

                                                  ~ The Food~ 



Wasabi Sushi Bar was our Favourite place to eat. It was hella cheap and delish. 
Oh and its E V E R Y W H E R E.

....we were very eager about Asian cuisine that month, can you tell ? heh


We fell in love with Camden St. food market but not so much with Octopus - vom.




I harassed everyone on my snapchat ( neadmurph , add me and you too can be harassed) with coffee snaps preaching my love for Pret A Manger - HOW has this not come to Ireland. 


But we did visit other smaller coffee shops to because we get major guilt for our love of multi national companies.



                                    ~ The touristy snaps~

We spent an entire rainy day looking at architecture and all the pretty buildings in London which included trying and failing to sneak into an ancient gold plated room. 



                                    I won like 3£ on a slot machine and lost around 20£.


I unexpectedly fell in love with the city of London and 3 days really wasn't enough. SO eager to return this year. 


Monday, 13 October 2014

Final Year Nerves ....

Final year at college is intense already. I feel like I am so behind on work already. So much motivation and self control will be needed to actually do 1-3 hours study after a full day at placement. That being said I NEED to do it and do it well or else this time next year I will not be a happy bunny. 

I am living at home while on placement, and by at home I mean back with my family. I am taking this time to get focused and be healthy;because this is not the year to get sick loads. I am not looking forward to searching for accommodation for Jan. It is vile how bad student accommodation is in Dublin right now . Hopefully by the second semester there will be less pressure and something will come up. Trying to stay posi or I will just end up stressing loads about it, when its out of my control really.