Saturday, 30 August 2014

Make the most of your Student Accomadation

Make the most of your student Accomadation : Richmond Street South , Portabello, Rathmines. ( Dublin 2) 

Part 1 

If you are moving into any of the above locations for the year here is some of what we have discovered after a year of living in the area, as students. 

This is the cheapest wine you can get in the area. It can be purchased in the big tesco in Rathmines. Tesco extra's are usually easier but if you are on a student budget a normal size tesco is much better value. Tesco extra tends to have a limited amount of product and usually stocks the more expensive brands. 
Both lidl and Aldi are located in Rathmines - making this location amazing for student, make the most of this....not many students in a city centre location are anywhere near an Aldi/ lidl. I would recommend buying all your veggies and fruit there !! - especially their seedless watermelon .

You will be located near many Starbucks coffee shops - which is nice but can drainnn funds $$ if your not careful 

You NEED to try a Strawberry Darquri at the Porter House , Dublin 2 .

Make sure to visit Fresh super market , they have an impressive range of American sweets. 

Green 19 cocktails are the bomb - but not really the best for a student budget .

Keep an eye out for street art in the area , especially around the Bernard Shaw.

Not really related to the area - but everybody secretly loves a themed party. V cute 'n' fun hah

Feed stray cats !! All the enjoyment of having a pet cat for those with commitment issues. 

Take up running ~ this area has some really nice routes and is full of other runners so you won't be alone. 

Make sure to have a nice study area ( not really area related again) but keep this in mind when looking for Accomadation - unless you can study well in a busy library. 

Basil plants or any herb plants make a student apartment nicer - why ? I don't know they just do. Also they make your student cooking more intresting . Chane are someone will end up naming your basil plant and you will feel like your life is a bit of a mess when it dies .... Something along the lines of ' I can't even keep a plant alive how am I meant to take care of myself ' 

Get used to 'views' like this .
Also don't sleep in late - I have found the closer someone lives to their college the later they tend to be. In the mornings , in your bed you can try and trick yourself that your 25 min walk really only takes 5 mins .

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