Monday, 2 June 2014

My Week in Pictures

Working gal ~ started work full time for the summer . 

Our new housemate moved in .

Went to Dundalk to visit Eoghans Family and we came home on a massive double decker bus that felt so unsteady and crashed , only minor though . 

Lunch breaks at work are 100 times better when it's sunny. 

Work clothes are v. Uninspiring ...

Kim k may have a wall of flowers but we have a wall of drinks ..

Lunch break treat ...

My treadmill at the gym had personal air con . I was wayyy too excited about this .

Burrito delivery !!

Japan vibes 

Lazy Sunday morning breakfasts .

Spotted in Harvey Nics . 

Mini Haul : UO and H&M

So eager to try and make sushi!!! 

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