Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Week in Pictures

~My exams are over ~

So pleased. I have started full time work for the summer. 

Random post exam haul. 
I literally went into hibernation when my exam finish , I was so exhausted . 

Went to Cafe Nero one day after work simply b/c they had Metcalfe's Popcorn. I havnt seen it anywhere else in Ireland.

Sunny days & denim jackets go hand in hand 

" I be drinken watermelon" . Wishing more every day things came in watermelon flavour . Found this when I went for coffee with a classmate . 

Went to workmans on Wedensday night . The €4 cocktails are pretty unreal - Esp the pineapple one . We sang total eclipse of the heart . It was a karaoke night ?!? Haha

I was brought hangover essentials and listened to the rain in bed for most of Thursday .

Got a 'raspberry robin' in Insomnia. You need to try this . It's so unusual but so good - only way to describe it is 'juicy cake' 

Going to try my best to make sushi next week - still have a good few ingredients to find though 

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