Saturday, 17 May 2014

My week in pictures

6 exams done , 1 to go 
The hardest one left - no fair ..

Literally anything but study ...

Veggie home made lasange and side salad . 

Went for lunch in Mullingar, Red Earth. 
I got veggi green Thai curry - so good but I wasn't too pushed on it's presentation ...

Graze box came . I am so eager when they send popcorn and 'guilt free high tea' 

This is pretty much all food because all I have been doing is studying. Bleh

.... And baking 

I will appriciate my summer so much . 
First summer in a long time where I won't be on placement ! 

Lunch from 'Baxter and Green' 
Goats cheese Fritata .
Their beer root salad is the b o m b 

*spoiler alert*
I went to see Godzilla . The first 30 minutes were great but it pretty much went down hill when ' Walt ' from breaking bad died - I am awful with actors names !! 

They movie was pretty much an overly cute Godzilla ( look how cute his nose and eye area is ... How can you take him seriously ) trying to stop parasites from reproducing . They all wreck the city , the fight scenes are boring because they are fighting for ages - and no one is getting in anyway injured and then bam he suddenly kills them both. 

Also the ending is so dissapointing. Godzilla just swims away and that is that. He literally just came to kill the parasites . 

Also I had a real big problem with how all 'monsters' seemed to ignore the humans . Every time they seemed to look at a human , ready to kill it , they just turned away and did something else. 

I went into the movie knowing very little about previous Godzilla movies but I was not impressed - and I was so looking forward to it . 

Oh well . 

We also have a new roommate for the summer and I am starting my summer job on Friday . 

Now ... Back to trying to study Foucault . 


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