Sunday, 18 May 2014

~ in my make up bag ~

I am currently pretty happy with all the products in my carry around make up bag at the moment. 

These are my essential items that I use every day ~ The make up items I change up for nights out etc. I keep in my room...not in my make up bag.

Moisturisers at the moment . 
I have just finished a tub of Clinique moisturiser - but I like this Kiehl's one so much better. It feels so rich and I always feel like I'm doing something 'good' for my skin when I put it on. 

My eye cream right now is a sample of 'it's potent' eye cream by Benefit . This sample size is lasting me quiet awhile and I have another one waiting as backup for when I finish .

For foundation I normally use mac NW10 but I want to finish this Benefit 'bigger than Bb' foundation . I don't really love it but it is fine for everyday use. I will not be repurchasing this though ! 

Bronzer is by Topshop- my favourite Bronzer , so far. 

Mascara : Great Lash by Maybeline. Really great for no clumps but I don't find it very volumising so I use 'they are real' mascara by Benefit with this when I am going out . 

For eyebrows I use the elf powder and gel duo in medium .

For eyeliner I use No.7 liquid eyeliner pen. 

For lips I use the Body Shop's born lippy , lip balm and whatever lipstick I have in my handbag , I tend to change lipstick colour every day , this is just the one I happen to have home with me .

Eyeshadow - naked 2 pallet 
And perfume - Kate Moss original . This is my 'exam' perfume . 
I have worn this every exam I have ever done since my junior cert - including driving test ! 

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