Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Week in Pictures

~My exams are over ~

So pleased. I have started full time work for the summer. 

Random post exam haul. 
I literally went into hibernation when my exam finish , I was so exhausted . 

Went to Cafe Nero one day after work simply b/c they had Metcalfe's Popcorn. I havnt seen it anywhere else in Ireland.

Sunny days & denim jackets go hand in hand 

" I be drinken watermelon" . Wishing more every day things came in watermelon flavour . Found this when I went for coffee with a classmate . 

Went to workmans on Wedensday night . The €4 cocktails are pretty unreal - Esp the pineapple one . We sang total eclipse of the heart . It was a karaoke night ?!? Haha

I was brought hangover essentials and listened to the rain in bed for most of Thursday .

Got a 'raspberry robin' in Insomnia. You need to try this . It's so unusual but so good - only way to describe it is 'juicy cake' 

Going to try my best to make sushi next week - still have a good few ingredients to find though 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

~ in my make up bag ~

I am currently pretty happy with all the products in my carry around make up bag at the moment. 

These are my essential items that I use every day ~ The make up items I change up for nights out etc. I keep in my room...not in my make up bag.

Moisturisers at the moment . 
I have just finished a tub of Clinique moisturiser - but I like this Kiehl's one so much better. It feels so rich and I always feel like I'm doing something 'good' for my skin when I put it on. 

My eye cream right now is a sample of 'it's potent' eye cream by Benefit . This sample size is lasting me quiet awhile and I have another one waiting as backup for when I finish .

For foundation I normally use mac NW10 but I want to finish this Benefit 'bigger than Bb' foundation . I don't really love it but it is fine for everyday use. I will not be repurchasing this though ! 

Bronzer is by Topshop- my favourite Bronzer , so far. 

Mascara : Great Lash by Maybeline. Really great for no clumps but I don't find it very volumising so I use 'they are real' mascara by Benefit with this when I am going out . 

For eyebrows I use the elf powder and gel duo in medium .

For eyeliner I use No.7 liquid eyeliner pen. 

For lips I use the Body Shop's born lippy , lip balm and whatever lipstick I have in my handbag , I tend to change lipstick colour every day , this is just the one I happen to have home with me .

Eyeshadow - naked 2 pallet 
And perfume - Kate Moss original . This is my 'exam' perfume . 
I have worn this every exam I have ever done since my junior cert - including driving test ! 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

My week in pictures

6 exams done , 1 to go 
The hardest one left - no fair ..

Literally anything but study ...

Veggie home made lasange and side salad . 

Went for lunch in Mullingar, Red Earth. 
I got veggi green Thai curry - so good but I wasn't too pushed on it's presentation ...

Graze box came . I am so eager when they send popcorn and 'guilt free high tea' 

This is pretty much all food because all I have been doing is studying. Bleh

.... And baking 

I will appriciate my summer so much . 
First summer in a long time where I won't be on placement ! 

Lunch from 'Baxter and Green' 
Goats cheese Fritata .
Their beer root salad is the b o m b 

*spoiler alert*
I went to see Godzilla . The first 30 minutes were great but it pretty much went down hill when ' Walt ' from breaking bad died - I am awful with actors names !! 

They movie was pretty much an overly cute Godzilla ( look how cute his nose and eye area is ... How can you take him seriously ) trying to stop parasites from reproducing . They all wreck the city , the fight scenes are boring because they are fighting for ages - and no one is getting in anyway injured and then bam he suddenly kills them both. 

Also the ending is so dissapointing. Godzilla just swims away and that is that. He literally just came to kill the parasites . 

Also I had a real big problem with how all 'monsters' seemed to ignore the humans . Every time they seemed to look at a human , ready to kill it , they just turned away and did something else. 

I went into the movie knowing very little about previous Godzilla movies but I was not impressed - and I was so looking forward to it . 

Oh well . 

We also have a new roommate for the summer and I am starting my summer job on Friday . 

Now ... Back to trying to study Foucault . 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

My week in pictures

Pretty uneventful due to study ....

Veggie Katsu in Wagamama's 

Post exam recovery ....

My iPhone battery exploded .... 
Later found out it was due to gases in the battery .( It was an old iPhone )

Evil looking cows at my grandmothers house . I spent the day with her watching snooker which is so relaxing to watch . Not sure if I was actually interested or just reallyyyyy didn't want to study . 

We visited the new 'natural bakery' in Rathmines . So eager about this place . Go 

Study .....

And more study ....

Bought a basil plant . It smells amazing . I use it's leaves in pasta dishes . Mm 

Got a Chinese money plant . Mm 

Found vegetarian cola bottles . I literally havnt had these for 10 years .....

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mini review 💜

'Berry Crush' lip stain by 'Seventeen' ( Boots brand) retailing for around €7. 

"Kiss proof colour enriched with vitamin C" 

At first this product was great.
I bought it for Trinity Ball , so I wouldn't have to reapply lipstick all night. 

It has great lasting power. The lip balm at the end of the stick also means that your lips stay moisturised as the stain itself can be drying . 

I really liked this product until I noticed how quickly it ruins out. I am sure that I did not leave it open for longer than I should - but the top has completely dried out after under 10 uses ! 
Compared to a lipstick it's probably not worth €7 for so few uses.