Wednesday, 23 April 2014

You-tubers I recommend.

Here are a few Youtubers I recommend.
( Some are super famous ones but some are hidden gems )

Any recommendations, leave them in the comments. I am studying at the moment so eager to find more new ones to enable my procrastination heh

Beauty & Fashion

Mrz Jackie Chu  ( really into skin care and weight loss)

City and Makeup  ( really into OOTD and hair)

Dolly Bow Bow ( mostly hauls, now she is pregnant her videos might change)

Chloe Chau (Irish YT) ( good for hauls fashion and high end beauty products, especially because she is Irish and its easy to get your hands on her recommendations)

TarMarz (Irish, fashion and food)


Me me Molly

Grave Yard Girl (check out 'does this thing really work)

Kiki Kannibal (She has changed a lot, really into health and fashion)

Its Judy's Life (Daily Vlog youtube family, so cute)

The Maddie Bruce (Random and her accent is hella cute)

Bubz (Daily Vlogs, changed a bit since she got pregnant though)

Elmify ( Not regular but so hilarious)

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