Friday, 11 April 2014

My week in pictures

A very boring haul ( mainly essentials) from a trip to Dundrum / Penny's 

I heard such good things about this 'foundation' - all of which are true . It is amazing , and the colour is great if your very pale ( around an nw10 mac) 

Everyone loves free stuff ... ;) 

Boring , but this toothpaste is a game changer ! The only toothpaste I know that actually makes your teeth more white. I'm pretty lucky though most whitening products take to my teeth like crazy x I know others who's teeth arnt as effected that much . Also lipstain , for trinity ball because I wanted colour lips but no way was I applying lipstick in the porta-loo all night .

Baxter & Green Pizza bar , Dublin 2 . 
You need to go there . That's all I can say . 

Mini haul . Micellar Cleansing water is another game changer ... 
Ugh I did not mean to get the blue version of this mascara , I was in a rush and didn't check ... It's cute but very unusual and clashes with my eye colour :( . 

Penny's & new look mini haul 

Trinity Ball 2014

A cat that moved in to a shed in our garden and had kittens :') 

Cure for a trinity ball hangover . Pablo's

Studying has .... Begun ? 

Started a new spinning class 

- Sinead 

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