Saturday, 26 April 2014

My week in pictures

- no very exiting as it's ' study season'

We got some fresh eggs from my Mothers friend's hens and ducks. 
I never realised that I liked duck eggs , until now . 

Study snacks . Very happy it's summer again because all the fruit I like is in season . Eagerly awaiting the good watermelons to start appearing in shops .

I made cupcakes only using ingredients shown in the picture. 

Eoghan climbed a massive tree...
Eh .

I made these for my sister 

Weather has improved and I have gone to Belvedere nearly every day.

Mini new look haul

'Sister movie night'

And the rest of the time I have been stressing about study , ugh. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mini Review: Benefit 'Bigger Than BB Big Easy'

I got this BB cream/ foundation the week before I finished college because it was really hyped by loads of YT bloggers. I was so eager when I picked it up because the shade 'light' was actually really pale, which suits my skin colour. I have been wearing it every second day for a month and I like it, but don't love it.... The coverage is very light (even with a double application). I have normal skin and I found unless I had moisturizers on before applying that this 'BB' cream made my skin look so dry and without foundation it looked almost 'flaky' sometimes....this shouldn't happen when my skin isn't at all dry....This is obviously the 'liquid to powder' effect at work.  
For every day use it is fine and I will finish the tube because I am currently studying and not really going anyway important but I will not be repurchasing. UGH  I had such high hopes for this product.

You-tubers I recommend.

Here are a few Youtubers I recommend.
( Some are super famous ones but some are hidden gems )

Any recommendations, leave them in the comments. I am studying at the moment so eager to find more new ones to enable my procrastination heh

Beauty & Fashion

Mrz Jackie Chu  ( really into skin care and weight loss)

City and Makeup  ( really into OOTD and hair)

Dolly Bow Bow ( mostly hauls, now she is pregnant her videos might change)

Chloe Chau (Irish YT) ( good for hauls fashion and high end beauty products, especially because she is Irish and its easy to get your hands on her recommendations)

TarMarz (Irish, fashion and food)


Me me Molly

Grave Yard Girl (check out 'does this thing really work)

Kiki Kannibal (She has changed a lot, really into health and fashion)

Its Judy's Life (Daily Vlog youtube family, so cute)

The Maddie Bruce (Random and her accent is hella cute)

Bubz (Daily Vlogs, changed a bit since she got pregnant though)

Elmify ( Not regular but so hilarious)

Friday, 11 April 2014

My week in pictures

A very boring haul ( mainly essentials) from a trip to Dundrum / Penny's 

I heard such good things about this 'foundation' - all of which are true . It is amazing , and the colour is great if your very pale ( around an nw10 mac) 

Everyone loves free stuff ... ;) 

Boring , but this toothpaste is a game changer ! The only toothpaste I know that actually makes your teeth more white. I'm pretty lucky though most whitening products take to my teeth like crazy x I know others who's teeth arnt as effected that much . Also lipstain , for trinity ball because I wanted colour lips but no way was I applying lipstick in the porta-loo all night .

Baxter & Green Pizza bar , Dublin 2 . 
You need to go there . That's all I can say . 

Mini haul . Micellar Cleansing water is another game changer ... 
Ugh I did not mean to get the blue version of this mascara , I was in a rush and didn't check ... It's cute but very unusual and clashes with my eye colour :( . 

Penny's & new look mini haul 

Trinity Ball 2014

A cat that moved in to a shed in our garden and had kittens :') 

Cure for a trinity ball hangover . Pablo's

Studying has .... Begun ? 

Started a new spinning class 

- Sinead