Sunday, 23 February 2014

Graze Box

First Graze Box came in the post today. 
So cute & tasty . 

Since I live in the Republic of Ireland and Graze Box don't ship there I had to be so sneaky and get it sent to Parcel Motel in Norther Ireland and then they send it to a collection point near me . 

Super cheap - It was under €4 

You can change your type of box ( from nibbles box - light box - breakfast box -kids box etc ) 

Literally in love with this . I just stick the little snack boxes in my bag for long college days . 

If you want to use my code for a free first , 5th and 10th box use 


( I don't think I gain anything from you using this so don't think I am trying to be sneaky) 

Contents of my first box 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day

Gifts from Eoghan .

And ( tradition ) a valentines day watermelon .

Hotel check in at the Gibson

Our creepy room number , heh

View from our room , unfortunately it dosnt look as high up as it was .

Complimentary cupcakes . Mm

My dinner came with an edible flower :')

Love potion cocktails .

Check out after spending the morning eating eggs and making honey foot scrubs in the relaxation centre . We pretty much died in the steam room .

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Talking Angela app......Peodophiles ????

This is so terrifying.

This is an app similar to 'Talking Tom' apart from it
-remembers information
-asks personal questions
-takes pictures using iphone camera without consent
-asks inappropriate questions.

This app aimed at young children could possible be pedophiles way of accessing children who merely think they are talking to a 'robot'.

I just checked and the app is still available on itunes. If you are interested read the comments in the app store. I feel so creeped out

See article for more information :

Friday, 7 February 2014

Week 4

Some of my week in pictures ....

Went to a local health food shop and bought tea tree because too many sore throats - prevention is better than cute .
And whole wheat cous cous  ( with red onion, red pepper , spring onion and soy sauce it makes the best lunch ) 

I didn't know wet & wild came to Ireland ?? Watermelon flavour . I really only bought this for the scent but it's supringly really good !! 

They now sell Arizona cans in Dublin for €2.50 which is a LOT better than the bottles that were nearly €4 in some places . You can get them in Happy Candy ? The pink sweet shop in temple bard . 

So eager about 'velvet lips' lip gloss fro Topshop that makes your lips matte & velvety . Every single Topshop make up product I have used I have fallen in love with . Eager breaver .

I bought some kale to see what the hype was all about . ( can you tell I was trying to be very healthy this week , heh) 

Went for post tutorial breakfast on the coldest morning ever . 

And coffee in Avoca because we both have a long Thursday in college . Ugh

I have started trying to do actual study every Thursday . Not going too well. Help help .

I have a new found love for blood grapefruit . 

First attempt of making kale chips . They actually turned out pretty good ...

.... And smoothie with kale ...

This juice and vodka go so well together . If only all my mixers were this posh ....