Monday, 20 January 2014



I spent the first few days of 2014 in Berlin.

pros :

Arizona ice tea and too many 'Dunkin donuts' shop ( Germany is becoming just as Americanised as Ireland, it appears.)

A lack of Lidl and Aldi stores.

 So much History. Go to the Jewish museum. No one is smiling. Depressing but interesting.

Everyone speaks English. Everyone .

The Ritz Carlton is a great place to change your I-phone and pee. Not so great for coffee. 12 euro. ugh

H&M is much better in Germany

Weisbeer is actually alright (coming from a non beer drinker)

Cons :

Trains come on time. Last minute Irish, beware.

Most food is very rich and calorific. How are the Germans not a severily obese nation. Everything was fried.

Gluwine tastes awful .

lack of humor on City Tour buses. Why so serious?

Checkpoint Charlie : another example of how Mc Donalds is taking over the world. Do we really need a Mc Donalds restaurant beside EVERY historic landmark??

Berlin Wall; read the graffiti. Better than any information in a history book

Spent 10euro on fruit in the KA DE WE because I couldn't handle the German Diet

Please start selling this in Ireland

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