Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MALTA AND GOZO (summer holidays)

I traveled to Malta and it's sister island Gozo this summer, about four weeks ago with my boyfriend.
It was really last minute. We were looking for a really cheap , hot, lazy-bye-the-pool holiday .
We booked it pretty much a week before we left.

The flight was around four hours- so pretty short. It was with Ryan air , so we had the usual no frills attached experience with that. I was so surprised that the plan to and from malta was PACKED. every seat was filled. I didn't know Malta would be a place a lot of Irish people wanted to travel to.

When booking the holiday we opted for transport from the airport to the hotel. We were a bit iffy about choosing this but I am so glad we did in the end because it took about two hours to get from the airport to Gozo, including two bus journeys and a ferry.

Malta and Gozo are really isolated from the rest of europe. Gozo is beautiful but essentially one big rock with very few shops and ....anything really. We knew this before we left as a friend has been previously. 

This is Gozo, the view from our appartment / hotel. 99% of Gozo looks like this

The hotel we stayed in was really nice . We spent so much time buy this pool, which was heated. Temperatures ranged from 36-39 degrees ( it was around 28 degrees at night). Being from Ireland I was so unprepared for this and literally couldn't do anything between 12-2 PM so I really embraced nap time ..

The Azurea window was a 30 minute walk from us. 
We climbed on top of it - warning signs advised us not to....but we couldn't resist.
if you are ever in Gozo, Malta YOU NEED TO GO DIVING HERE.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have been to in my life. On the last day I got stung by LOADS of sea urchins here...typical. They were really sore but it was the last day and was worth the view so I got over it .....after a lot of moaning.

It really looks like the whole island has been abandoned ...

This is how we got most of our food. Food was SO cheap, but not much choice.....

This was the contents of our fridge for most of the holiday. They grow watermelons on the island.
Also alcohol is hella cheap (2 euro for wine , 10 for a litre bottle of vodka etc)

This photo was taken on the ferry to Malta.

This was taken on the day we went to visit cities in Malta. 

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