Sunday, 13 May 2012

There is an app for that ......

These are the apps for the i-phone which i have used the most / loved !

This is a photo editor . Its pretty straight forward , unlike most of them .
Which i like ! I don't really want crazy cartoon pictures. I just use it to brighten pictures up , i have an iphone 3 and once the lighting is bad the picture becomes so dark!

Viber .
This is a free call and text app .
Ther are so many of these free sms apps . Viber was the first i used , and i liked it , so i don't see the need to change .

This app allows you to add images to texts . I think it's really cute :')

Aib banking
This app allows you to view your bank account , if you are with aib .
The only downside is you need all your account numbers and passwords , which i can never remember ......

All these apps are FREE :D which makes them even better


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  2. Thanks :D
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