Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Year.

My first year of college is coming to an end this week.
Its just crept up on me. The year has flown. It feels like the first day was only a week ago.
So much has changed over the year. I have made amazing friends. I have developed new interests... and a love of wine punch. 

There has been many lectures where we have been to tired to function. Being in a lecture hall of over 400 students has helped a lot . As hungover naps go unnoticed , for the most part!!!

First year has made me aware of my extreme obsession with cats. This obsession resulted in many cute facebook posts as well as impersonating Dubstep cat while out and kidnapping the campus cat , only for a very short period mind ;)

First year has led to some amazing nights out. 

And not to forget our Monday Adventures . This picture was taken the day we randomly decided to take the bus to ikea .

First year has made me very dependent on the public transport system . This of course has been a love/hate relationship. The joy when you reach the bus when 'due' appears on the timetable.
and the sheer hatred when you see the bus pull out , leaving you standing in the pouring rain.

First year has lead me to improvise more. Make the best of what we have. here we are using a vodka bottle as a rolling pin to make home made pizza.

First year has in some ways made me more mature , but in other ways emphasized what a child I can be....

First year has resulted in a very unhealthy diet. and some extremely lazy dinner.

Not to mention WAY too much money spent in Starbucks....

I have no doubt whatsoever that second year will be equally as amazing.

As expected there was a few downs , but they just add to the experience and made the Ups even more enjoyable.

You can't choose your circumstance , but you can choose how you react to them.


  1. Glad you enjoyed, next year your accommodation will be better anyway :)

  2. im in half the photos!!! Sinead now my face is ingrained into the internet ahhh :) Miss you too much enjoy the states!!! xxxx