Tuesday, 29 May 2012

California .

I have finaly arrived in California , after the big build up .
To get here I had to fly to Amsterdam and then fly from there , back over ireland , to San Fransico - which is very frustrating !!!
The flight from amsterdam was 13hours long
I slept for most of it .
When I did wake i watched
We need to talk about kevin and the girl with the dragon tatoo .
As well as several episodes of criminal minds - all provided by in flight entertainment .
I have started my placement here and love it !!! I can't discuss my placement on this due to confidentality and the nature of the placement .but I find it really interesting .The day ( 9-4 ) flies when i am at work .

I havent really taken any pictures , as my phone has 5% battery for ages until I found a charger .....
But here are two
One of the golden gate bridge after we drove over it .
Second is the back garden , late in the evening .

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