Friday, 8 June 2012

I wish they all could be California girls

My second week out of six in California had ended. 
Its even more than I expected. I adore my work placement. It has made me realized  that social work is defiantly the job I want. I have learnt so much already . Perf .
I have a four day weekend . I spent today at an outdoor pool , which I am a member of  , during my time hear . 
Tomorrow I am going into Santa Rosa to shop.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Week one of work placement , done

Tomorrow is the start of my weekend.
Is it bad that I wouldn't mind working tomorrow ?!? I just really enjoy it . :)
On wedensday i went to an outdoor pool , a club , after work .
And today , thursday I went shopping to a shopping complex with a target ulta etc .
I am in heaven with all these shops .
I also began collecting weird american sweets to bring back for my boyfriend.
Going to the city tomorrow to do more shopping .
Boring update .

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

California .

I have finaly arrived in California , after the big build up .
To get here I had to fly to Amsterdam and then fly from there , back over ireland , to San Fransico - which is very frustrating !!!
The flight from amsterdam was 13hours long
I slept for most of it .
When I did wake i watched
We need to talk about kevin and the girl with the dragon tatoo .
As well as several episodes of criminal minds - all provided by in flight entertainment .
I have started my placement here and love it !!! I can't discuss my placement on this due to confidentality and the nature of the placement .but I find it really interesting .The day ( 9-4 ) flies when i am at work .

I havent really taken any pictures , as my phone has 5% battery for ages until I found a charger .....
But here are two
One of the golden gate bridge after we drove over it .
Second is the back garden , late in the evening .

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 01 - A Picture of Yourself and Ten Facts.

Ten Facts

  1. I am going into my 2nd year of college after the summer. 
  2. I study Social work
  3. I am a pescatarian
  4. I like cats , a lot
  5. I am nineteen years old.
  6. I am useless at writing ten facts about myself
  7. I have a  boyfriend , Ciaran Daly
  8. My hair is its natural colour , apart from red dip dye.
  9. I am short 
  10. MEOW. I give up

Thursday, 24 May 2012

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 01 - A Picture of Yourself and Ten Facts. 
Day 02 - A Picture of You and the Person You have been Closest with the Longest. 
Day 03 - A Picture of the Cast from Your Favorite Show. 
Day 04 - A Picture of Your Night 
Day 05 - A Picture of A Favorite Memory 
Day 06 - A Picture of a Person You'd Love to Trade places with for a day 
Day 07 - A Picture of Your Childhood Crush 
Day 08 - A Picture that makes you Laugh 
Day 09 - A Picture of the Person who has gotten You through the most 
Day 10 - A Picture of the Person You do the oddest things with 
Day 11 - A Picture of something You Hate 
Day 12 - A Picture of something You Love 
Day 13 - A Picture of Your favorite Band or Artist 
Day 14 - A Picture of Someone You could never Imagine Your Life without 
Day 15 - A Picture of something You want to do before You Die 
Day 16 - A Picture of someone who Inspires You 
Day 17 - A Picture of something that has made a huge Impact on Your Life recently 
Day 18 - A Picture of Your biggest Insecurity
Day 19 - A Picture of a Letter 
Day 20 - A Picture of somewhere You'd Love to Travel 
Day 21 - A Picture of something You Wish You could Forget 
Day 22 - A Picture of something You Wish You were better at 
Day 23 - A Picture of Your favorite Book 
Day 24 - A Picture of something You Wish You could Change 
Day 25 - A Picture of Your day 
Day 26 - A Picture of Something that means a lot to You 
Day 27 - A Picture of Yourself and a Family Member 
Day 28 - A Picture of Something You're Afraid of 
Day 29 - A Picture that can always make You :) 
Day 30 - A Picture of someone You Miss 
Day 31 - A picture of what you dream to wear .. 
Day 32 - A picture of what you want for the next day ! . 
Day 33 - A picture of you & 1 of ur very good friend! 
Day 34 - A picture of your favorite cuisine 
Day 35 - A picture of your favorite place.. 
Day 36 - A picture of u & ur sister & a 10 definition about her ! ! 
Day 37 - A picture of the people you spend most of your time with. 
Day 38 - A picture of the best part of your day. 
Day 39 - A picture of your favorite movie. 
Day 40 - A picture of your favorite character. 
Day 41 - A picture of u & ur mom & 5 special message u want to say ! 
Day 42 - A picture of your dream house. 
Day 43 - A picture of something that makes u cry ! 
Day 44 - A picture of someone you’re told you look like. 
Day 45 - A picture of you wished your room looked like. 
Day 46 - A picture of where you wish you were right now. 
Day 47 - A picture of your favorite place to shop. 
Day 48 - A picture of your favorite actress/actor. 
Day 49 - A picture of where you live. 
Day 50 - A picture of what you'll be doing tomorrow. 
Day 51 - A picture of your dream car. 
Day 52 - A picture of your favorite friend on facebook ! . 
Day 53 - A picture of someone you think is hot. 
Day 54 - A picture of the one thing you would bring if you were stranded on a deserted island. 
Day 55 - A picture of u & ur recent ex boyfriend ..& a special msg to him/her ..  
Day 56 - A picture of something that makes you happy. 
Day 57 - A picture of your favorite holiday. 
Day 58 - A picture of your favorite animal. 
Day 59 - A picture of a random item that you own w/c u like most .. 
Day 60 - A picture of something that makes u excited .. 
Day 61 - School class picture 
Day 62 - Last place you traveled to 
Day 63 - a picture when u last received a medal / certicate .. 
Day 64 - picture what u always do when u dont have class / work .. 
Day 65 - A picture of you and ur group of friends in higschool . 
Day 66 - A picture of you & ur group of frends in college ! 
Day 67 - ONE thing in ur room that matters to u most .. 
Day 68 - A shoes u like ! 
Day 69 - picture of something u want to eat right now ! 
Day 70 - Something you borrowed from someone else 
Day 71 - A picture of some thing that was given to u by ur friend !
Day 72 - A picture of something that gives u strenght ! 
Day 73 - A picture of ur friend that makes u laugh ! 
Day 74 - a picture of a place which u wish u can held ur wedding ! 
Day 75 - picture of u & ur cousins .. 
Day 76 - a picture of u & ur 2 closiest frend ! :) 
Day 77 - The last thing that you bought 
Day 78 - Your watch .. 
Day 79 - picture of a friend u think handsome ! .. 
Day 80 - picture of a friend u think very talkative .. 
Day 81 - picture of a friend u think pretty! 
Day 82 - picture u think u were very happy at that time .. . 
Day 83 - picture of u & ur teacher .. 
Day 84 - picture of ur brother/s .. 
Day 85 - Something pink , & 5 reason why u choose it .. 
Day 86 - Something that ur frend gave u .. 
Day 87 - picture of ur relatives that close to ur heart .. 
Day 88 - picture that u always eat when watching tv .. 
Day 89 - picture of u & 3 guy friend .. 
Day 90 - picture of ur current place . 
Day 91 - Something that made you smile today 
Day 92 - picture of u & ur dad . 
Day 93 - picture of a place where u work .. 
Day 94 - a picture that u want to buy someday .. 
Day 95 - place u want to go this december .. 
Day 96 - place u miss most .. 
Day 97 - picture of u & ur friend when ur last bday .. 
Day 98 - Your favorite nail polish color 
Day 99 - picture that makes u feel happy today 
Day 100 - The final picture of yourself with 15 facts

Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Year.

My first year of college is coming to an end this week.
Its just crept up on me. The year has flown. It feels like the first day was only a week ago.
So much has changed over the year. I have made amazing friends. I have developed new interests... and a love of wine punch. 

There has been many lectures where we have been to tired to function. Being in a lecture hall of over 400 students has helped a lot . As hungover naps go unnoticed , for the most part!!!

First year has made me aware of my extreme obsession with cats. This obsession resulted in many cute facebook posts as well as impersonating Dubstep cat while out and kidnapping the campus cat , only for a very short period mind ;)

First year has led to some amazing nights out. 

And not to forget our Monday Adventures . This picture was taken the day we randomly decided to take the bus to ikea .

First year has made me very dependent on the public transport system . This of course has been a love/hate relationship. The joy when you reach the bus when 'due' appears on the timetable.
and the sheer hatred when you see the bus pull out , leaving you standing in the pouring rain.

First year has lead me to improvise more. Make the best of what we have. here we are using a vodka bottle as a rolling pin to make home made pizza.

First year has in some ways made me more mature , but in other ways emphasized what a child I can be....

First year has resulted in a very unhealthy diet. and some extremely lazy dinner.

Not to mention WAY too much money spent in Starbucks....

I have no doubt whatsoever that second year will be equally as amazing.

As expected there was a few downs , but they just add to the experience and made the Ups even more enjoyable.

You can't choose your circumstance , but you can choose how you react to them.

Monday, 14 May 2012

MINI haul from Pennys / Primark

I am on a 'shopping ban' at the moment, as I am saving for my trip to California ...but I really needed some 'essentials'. All these products were bought from Pennys/ Primark

'Wake me up' foundation - Rimmel London.
Shade 100Ivory.
This was around 7 euro in Pennys, 4 euro cheaper than in boots. I have seen many amazing reviews of this product. Hopefully it won't be too dark for me, as I am super pale. I got the only 'light' shade left, the rest in the shop were all the darkest colours in the range.

L'Oréal Paris New studio silk and gloss fixing mousse.
I have naturally curly hair. With out mousse its is impossible to manage.I have used this brand/product before and really liked it. Its not too sticky and is very light. :)

Girl Only hair care - Dry shampoo in the scent 'Party Nights'
I use dry shampoo only to freshen up my hair after the day/before I go out. Dry shampoo is not an excuse not to wash you hair!!!

LYNX Attract For her.
I was never too pushed with body sprays, but my younger sister bought this last week and I LOVE the smell. It cost around 3euro.

Places to eat in Dublin.


Love pasta is a cute little restaurant located on Harcourt St. Dublin.
It is pretty hidden . I only came across it as I pass the sign every day on the way to college.
It appeared a bit pricey , but the lunch deal was good value. 
Its probably the best pasta i have ever tasted.The portion size was really generous. I couldn't finish mine, as it was too filling. If it wasn't in such an odd location I would defiantly go there more. They are located near office blocks, so I doubt they see location as an issue.

I love when food comes in a box. I don't really know why?!,Dublin,+Co.+Fingal&ei=EbY7TtyJGJKYhQeN0sX9AQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM&cid=0,0,11614217485447897070

Sunday, 13 May 2012

There is an app for that ......

These are the apps for the i-phone which i have used the most / loved !

This is a photo editor . Its pretty straight forward , unlike most of them .
Which i like ! I don't really want crazy cartoon pictures. I just use it to brighten pictures up , i have an iphone 3 and once the lighting is bad the picture becomes so dark!

Viber .
This is a free call and text app .
Ther are so many of these free sms apps . Viber was the first i used , and i liked it , so i don't see the need to change .

This app allows you to add images to texts . I think it's really cute :')

Aib banking
This app allows you to view your bank account , if you are with aib .
The only downside is you need all your account numbers and passwords , which i can never remember ......

All these apps are FREE :D which makes them even better
My boyfriend, Ciaran , has also decided to make a blog. Unlike mine , his actual has a purpose and some structure!!! He is an amazing musician and  plan to post lyrics he has written as well as general posts about music etc . so Check out his blog :')

Places to eat in Dublin .

Having spent the year in Dublin, I have tried many restaurants s in the city center. One of my favourite  was 

YO Sushi Clarendon St, City Centre South

This is the cutest restaurant ever! They pay so much attention to detail.  All the sushi is made in store and is then sent around the restaurant , for customers to choose what they want. Prices are indicated by the colour dish the food is served in. This can allow you too choose how much you wish to spend.

This is not an image from the Dublin restaurant , but it gives the general idea.


This is the time of year I dread! I feel as if I have been doing exams for my whole life. Little did I know that it wasn't all smooth sailing after the leaving cert . College exams are equally as much pressure. This is what works for me in regards to getting through exams.

I make plans for after exams.
This gives me something to look forward to after the exams. In a way , its a treat/reward for finishing the exams.  It motivates me to keep going. For example after these exams I am going on a night out with friends and then going to California shortly after. It reminds me that there is more to life then the exams.

I study the subjects I find boring first.
I am currently studying social studies in college. This course comes with diverse subjects, just like the Leaving Cert. Not all subjects suit me or are , in my eyes. interesting. Economics was probably the exam I was dreading the  most! I tried to do as much as I could of economics at the start of a study day, when I was most focused. As the day progressed I did the subjects I enjoyed. Studying something you have an interest in is so much easier. For me this was social work and psychology . 
For anyone who is studying economics, leaving cert or introduction to economics in college I highly recommend this website :
It helped me so much. The website also has many other subjects such as chemistry etc, which are equally as good , from what I hear.

I study for 30 minutes at a time.
Personally, I can only study for 30 minutes MAX before my concentration goes. I have a timer that beeps every time 30 mins is up. The only flaw with taking so many study breaks is if you don't pay attention to how long a break your taking , you can waste the whole day . I normally try to take 10 minute breaks. Then after I have done 3 hours of study I take an hour long break and watch a TV show or something equally as unproductive. Tea breaks are essential!!!!